Who Are We

It is an engineering firm that produces solutions in high quality electrical, electronic and telecommunication systems, which has been constantly renewed since 2004, and performs turn-key applications.

It includes engineers and technicians and young talents.

Why Us?

In each project, we required "good engineering, right product" rule. We know the sectors well, direct our customers right. We never compromise on the quality of our work. We carry out our projects as turnkey and attach importance to our machine Park for faster, more practical and more economical business processes, and we continuously expand our park. We continue our technical support after delivery.

Post Delivery Of The Business

Technical support and intervention in a short time is very important especially in 7x24 working systems when there is a problem with the system in the process after the completion of the work.

Business Process

ElsisTech performs all infrastructure and superstructure works in its projects with its own team and equipment.

Therefore, there is no room for error and defective production in our systems which we expect to work 24/7. The job is intended to be completed in time.

The right product , the right supplier

Our company works only with the right product selection in turnkey solutions and with the right and strong product suppliers. This solution is based on many years of partnership. Our strong commitment to our solution partners enables us to offer our customers greater price advantage.

Our Machine Park

In the completion of our projects, our machinery and equipment Park provides us with faster, more practical and more economical business processes.

"Good engineering and the right product makes a difference"

M.Caglar TEMIZ

Electronics and Communication Engineer / Founder

We continue our studies that we started with passion and excitement in 2004 with the same passion and motivation today. Our accumulated experience enables us to build secure, manageable, well-organized and continuous systems today. We manage turn-key business processes in electrical, electronic and communication systems, and perform infrastructure and installations.

Our competence and long-term accumulations from the day we started our adventure have enabled us to get to know the sectors we offer solutions better and to get qualified Jobs in different sectors.

We created the "good engineering, the right product" rule while determining our vision. Within this basic rule, we keep our knowledge and experience ready for our new projects.